The birdbox is down for maintenance.
Back up in the spring...
Welcome To Garden Cam

I have a number of webcams dotted about the garden.
This website can show two of those cameras at a time. Which ones will depend on what's happening in the garden. It could be birds feeding, frogs playing piggyback in the pond, badgers feeding, snails pole dancing, or more usually, not-alot. If there are birds (or potential birds) in the bird-box then one camera will exclusively show the inside of the box.

The Big Brother Birdbox with all its sensors and cameras stayed resolutely empty for two years now. Hoping for better luck this year.

Video feeds

camera There are currently two cameras in the garden each providing video feeds.

The video feed may stop playing after a while to control bandwidth.


Currently this camera shows a feeding area in the back garden.



Currently this camera shows the back garden.



journal What happened when..


highlights A photo timeline..

Bird Box Design

design Design details of the bird box (techy alert!)

Box Data

graphs When the birdbox is running this shows plots of data from the bird box and weather station.

The Facts

graphs A PDF factsheet on Blue and Great Tits from the RSPB.

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