Here be live cameras from around the garden, videos and photos of past visitors, and information on my Big Brother Bird-box.


camera Live streaming cameras from around the garden


videos Videos and Photos of past events in the garden


videos Photos of past events in the garden


design data plots and design details

A short history

In days of yore when a smart-phone was a Nokia with a fancy case, I put a CCTV camera in a bird-box and used a video sender to get the picture to a TV in the house.

That was year one.

The next year I used an old PC that had a video capture card so that I could grab still photos and videos.

Then, (cue celestial music and bad special effects) I found Yawcam.

Yawcam is free PC software that enables you to put video and still feeds on the web, save periodic still frames, and save frames when it detects motion.

Watching birds nest while they are actually nesting is fine but, and it's a big but, they only nest part of the year (for some reason they don't do time-share) so I started to put other cameras around the garden and fed them to the web PC via a remote controlled video selector.

Over time there's been birdfeeder-cam, frog-cam, mouse-cam, snail-cam, and recently, badger-cam. (There was also builder-cam when we had a flat roof repaired and I wanted to keep an eye on them from work but that's another story.)

I now have a number of CCTV webcams dotted about the garden which I'm slowly replacing with IP cameras using ZeroW or Model A+ Raspberry Pis running RPi-Cam-Web-Interface.

The bird-box has stayed resolutely empty for two years now. I've made some changes so hoping for better luck this year. There's already been some prospective tenants looking it over.

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